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5 Ways To Utilize Your Compas Travel Patches

5 Ways To Utilize Your Compas Travel Patches

Remember working hard to earn a merit badge for accomplishing an activity or skill? It was always a wonderful feeling to wear those badges proudly, and to show them off. We wanted to recreate that exact same feeling so we have curated the Compas Traveler Patches. They're a set you can use to express yourself as one who is out to create new experiences during everyday adventures!

There are many different ways that our patches can be incorporated into your lifestyle. Here are five tips on how you can utilize them in everyday fashion or even as a housewear item. 

1. Take an old cap or beanie you have at home, and spruce them up with a patch or two to customize a new look. It is quick and easy to apply using an iron at home.

 2. Everyone has a sweatshirt or hoodie laying around. The Travel Patches are a great way to add some style to your favorite fleece. They are easy to apply and a great way to get creative on making something your own. Try putting the patch in a new location like on your sleeve or back and enjoy your next day hike in warmth and style.

3. Utilizing a vest or jacket from your closet is also a great way to put our patches to good use. Keep it simple by applying the patch above the chest pocket of your chosen outerwear pieces. 

4. Our forth tip to use the Compas Travel Patches is one of our favorites. All of us like to add creative prints and art to our walls at home. So with a little work you can put together a wonderful wall or shelf mounted piece that is super easy to assemble with just a few add ons. You can explore options at any craft store in your area or repurpose an existing frame from home.

5. The last tip comes as another way to spruce up your home by adding our embroidered patches to a throw pillow for your couch or reading chair. If you have a pillow cover that you can unzip and remove, it is super easy to apply the patches by removing the pillow cover and ironing or sewing each patch. While you're at it maybe add a patch to the corner of your favorite throw blanket? Get creative. 

Now that you're an expert on making anything your own using the Compas Travel Patches head on over to our shop page and start your creative adventure today.

Post your patch creations on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share your ideas with the Compas community by using #outfittedforadventure, #livethecompaslife or #compaslife. 

Now get out there and EXPLORE MORE. 

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