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Explore More with Andrew Kearns

Explore More with Andrew Kearns

Compas Life w/ Andrew Kearns


We had an opportunity recently to sit down with photographer Andrew Kearn to ask him some questions about inspiration, gear and destinations he would love to travel to shoot photos next. He uses his camera as a vessel to go out and explore many geographical landscapes that are right in his backyard of the Pacific North West, and by doing this it has created some incredible experiences and opportunities for him.
What inspired you to become a photographer?
I was never really inspired to be one really, it just slowly become a passion of mine I guess. I guess hiking had a big part to do with it though, it just gave me a way of going to these amazing places with and capturing those memories.
Living in the Pacific North West there is so much to do outdoors. What are some of your favorite spots to travel to shoot at?
I love hikes among the hiking highways around me. There's too many to name, but anything off of Mountain Loop Highway never disappoints, and I love Alpine lakes.
How would you describe your style as a photographer?
Probably PNW.
Most photographers have specific gear that they can't live with. Currently, what is your favorite accessory piece that you love using while out in the field?
Probably my 24-70ii. It's a killer lens. And the 5dii, I love the tones that it's getting compared to other cameras I've used.
What camera are you currently shooting with most, and why?
5dii, because my 5diii broke. Haha. But I think I'm liking it better than the 5diii to be honest. It has great tones coming out of it.
Do you have any other passions besides being behind the camera shooting?
Haha I've thought about this recently, and not really. I feel like all I do is shoot. And I'm okay with that.
You just recently took a trip to Alaska which looked incredible. Can you tell us a little bit about the trip and who you went with?
I was there with a friend, we met up with some local photographers there. There's way too much to tell. But long story short it is the sickest place I've ever been. I want to go back so bad. It's so beautiful and completely blew me away. It's also very cold.
After taking a trip like that you must be getting the itch to start traveling again. What would be a bucket list location that you have yet to have the opportunity to visit and shoot at?
A bucket list location would probably be back to Alaska in summer when it's easier to travel. But aside from that I want to go to Faroe Islands and Ireland. They look too cool.
We at Compas like to spread the message to Be Curious. Be Adventurous. Live the Compas Life. What is some advice you can give to someone who may be thinking of taking up photography as a hobby or career?
Don't stop shooting and hang out with people who are doing the same. Stay stoked and keep going. Learn from going out and making mistakes, and not from a classroom.

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