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Adventures with Jeff: Nepal (Part 1)

Adventures with Jeff: Nepal (Part 1)

Meet Jeff Basting. As a native of Dover Plains, NY, Jeff is living the Compas life traveling around the world processing refugees as an officer for the US Refugee Admissions Program. Before joining the Refugee Corps, Jeff spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Thailand, and two more exploring mountains and beaches up and down the west coast as a Southern California weekend warrior.
Jeff will be our featured guest blogger as he checks in from the road and he invites you to #ExploreMore as you read about his experiences and adventures.
Jeff Basting Compas Life Profile

Adventures with Jeff: Nepal (Part 1)

Quest for the Barbeque Chicken Hut

Finding “the barbeque chicken hut in the middle of the rice paddies” was a rite of passage. There was no map, only legend. It was Sunday afternoon, and we had been eating all of our meals for more than a week now on a UN compound in southeast Nepal where we also lived and worked. The tall walls that protected the compound loomed around us, and the sound of the traffic and the vendors outside beckoned us with reminders that there was a world outside, and that it was busy. Here’s what happened as we spend a Sunday winding through everything from spice markets to yak farms en route to the best grilled meat east of the Himalayas:
Cabin Fever on the compound. Cabin Fever Compas Life Jeff Basting


The maps were sort of tough to read, #LetCompasBeYourGuide
Nepal Maps Compas Jeff Basting
UberNepal Compas Life Jeff Basting
Hay is for horses...and yaks.
Hay is For Horse Compas Life Jeff BastingMore Hay Compas Life Jeff Basting
Faced with a shortage of cooking fuel, farmers without electricity use solar cookers provided by UNHCR to heat up everything but the planet.
Cooking Fuel  Compas Life Jeff Basting

Your coach, m'lady. #Ridinrickshaw
Rickshaw Compas Life Jeff Basting

Over the paddies and through the woods...
Paddies Compas Life Jeff Basting

Everybody's working for the weekend...
Weekend Compas Life Jeff Basting
Weekend 2 Compas Life Jeff BastingWeekend 3 Compas Life Jeff Basting

Except this guy...
This Guy Compas Life Jeff Basting

Found it!  #followyournose
BBQ Hut Compas Life Jeff Basting
Follow Your Nose Compas Life Jeff Basting

Chicken Accomplished!
All washed down with a mug of tangpa-
fermented millet seed and hot water. #exploremore
Chicken Accomplished Compas Life Jeff Basting 
Drinks Compas Life Jeff Basting

Stay tuned for more of Jeff's adventures in Nepal.
As his work allows, Jeff will be updated on a weekly basis.
For more information on information on the Refugee Admission programs,
please visit the Refugee Admission Program federal website.
Get involved!

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