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Take a Hike: Five Awesome Fall Hikes in the Catskills

Earlier this summer we released our summer line called The Wild Life. We spent the spring months adventuring and exploring different places in the Catskills for inspiration.
Although spring and summer bring us beautiful weather perfect for the outdoors, we have to admit that Fall is our favorite season here in Upstate New York.  The temperature drops, the leaves change and the autumn breeze blows. It's the perfect recipe for a fall adventure. Maybe it's time for you to go Take a Hike!

Five Awesome Fall Hikes in the Catskills:

1. Poet's Ledge | Palenville, New York

 Compas Catskills Adventures: Poet's Ledge by Everet D. Regal

(Photo Credit:Google Maps User Everet D. Regal)
The Palenville area is most know for the beautiful and historic Kaaterskill Falls. However, a short distance away is the trail head for Poet's Ledge. A longer and less traveled hike, Poet's Ledge offers magnificent views of the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. The fall foliage views can be breathtaking. 
Poet's Ledge is also known for the beautiful waterfalls along the trail. The hike will take you roughly 6 to 7 hours to complete, depending on how long you bask in the beautiful views. The grade is moderate and although it's not considered an easy hike, the views are worth the work!
Click here for more information on Poet's Ledge.

2.  Newman's Ledge & Artist's Rock (The Escarpment Trail) | Tannersville, New York

Catskills Hike Adventures: Newman's Ledge

(Photo Credit:Google Maps User dbg900)
The Escarpment Trail follows a nearly 30 mile trail that encompasses many natural wonders through several towns and mountains. Luckily, due to the number of attractive sites, there are several offshoot trails for shorter day hikes. Inside of the North/South Lake park, you can link up with the Escarpment Trail for a smaller hike to many beautiful spots. 
This area was once home to hotels in the 1800s, where guests would take in the expansive mountain views. Over time, nature has taken back the area preserving the views from several outlook points.  Newman's Ledge and Artist's Rock are two of the more notable views along the trail. On a clear day you can see four different states from Artist's Rock! To say the views are amazing would be an understatement. Along the path you will pass waterfalls, bogs, and even a cave or two. Combining the fall weather with the foliage in full swing makes Escarpment trail a must see.
Note: There is a fee for use of the North/South Lake Campground, so be prepared for that!
Click here for more information on Newman's Ledge and Artist's Rock.

3. Panther Mountain | Shandanken, New York

Compas Catskills Adventure: Panther Mountain by HoekstraJohn
(Photo Credit: Google Maps User HoekstraJohn)
Panther Mountain is one of the Catskill High Peaks. Being a high peak, the mountain is fairly popular among hikers. The Panther Mountain trail is about a 7 mile trail and offers a few areas for camping along the way. One of the most attractive offerings of the Panther Mountain trail is the Giant Ledge outlooks. There are five ledges that offer spectacular views of neighboring mountains.
As you continue past the Great Ledges, the trail leads you up to the Panther Mountain summit. The summit is at an elevation of over 3700 feet! Can you imagine the views on a clear fall day?
Click here for more information on Panther Mountain.

4. Overlook Mountain | Woodstock, New York

Compas Catskills Adventure: Overlook Mountain by RobWho

(Photo Credit: Google Maps User RobWho)


Overlook Mountain is home to some spectacular views and an amazingly tall fire tower. The hike is fairly short compared to some of the other Catskills hikes and much of the trail is paved which can limit the "outdoors" experience. However, on the trail to the fire tower there are ruins of an old structure, formerly known as the Overlook House. Investigating the old foundations and ruins can be a real treat. 
Further along the trail is the fire tower. The tower offers a fantastic and unique view of the surrounding areas. Be warned, it's not for those who are afraid of heights. Just beyond the fire tower is the mountain ledge. Both the tower and the mountain cliff offer fantastic views and are definitely a site to see.
Click here for more information on Overlook Mountain.

5. Huckleberry Point | Elka Park, New York

Compas Catskills Adventure: Huckleberry Point by Chris Sanfino

(Photo Credit: Google Maps User ChrisSanfino)
Huckleberry Point offers the easiest hike on our list. The trail is about 5 miles to the point and back, making for a nice half day hike. The grade is fairly moderate, but the trail can be hard to spot at some points. After rainfall, this trail can become quite muddy and hard to traverse.  However, on a beautiful fall afternoon the views from Huckleberry Point are incredible. For a new adventurer, or someone looking for a less strenuous day on the trail, Huckleberry Point is the perfect spot!
Click here for more information on Huckleberry Point.
Please be careful when you go out on the trails. Nature trails can be fragile causing unsafe conditions for you, other adventurers and the trail itself. Always remember:
- Stay on the marked trail
- Bring proper first aid equipment
- Wear proper footwear for hiking and outdoor activities
- Bring water and snacks
-Make sure to bring proper navigation equipment for longer trails, cellular service is often limited

    But most importantly – go out and enjoy the outdoors.
      Don't forget to #livethecompaslife
      For more trails and more information, the following websites offer great resources:
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