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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every November brings a period of reflection. We gather with family and friends for their warmth and company. We reflect on the past year and start to look forward to the year ahead.
Thanksgiving is a special time of year when we can hit the pause button for a few days and rejoice in our successes (and lessons learned in our failures).
As we officially enter our third year of business, we at Compas couldn’t be more thankful. Operating a bi-coastal operation with limited resources can be tough. We’ve made many mistakes, faced many hurdles, yet we couldn’t be any more excited about our journey. In 2017 we established many great new partnerships, had the help from a few extremely helpful and talented vendors, and most importantly had the support from a very loyal customer base.
We hope to continue on this path for 2018, but at this moment we want to thank everyone who has helped support our small, independent brand for the last two years.



A note from the owners:
Being reflective is often a difficult thing for me. I’m too often hyper focused on the task(s) at hand and forget to take a moment and reflect on past successes and failures. Every year, Thanksgiving is a great reminder to pump the breaks and take a deep breath. Thank you to both of our spouses for supporting and pushing us, all of our partners who have taken the risk of working with our small brand, our families who often volunteer their time to help us, and importantly all of our customers who wear our clothes or come to our events. There is no cooler feeling in the world than watching your idea come to life. 
When John and I started this company 4 (maybe 5) years ago, my biggest goal was to build something much larger than our clothing. Early on, I wrote a lengthy blog about building community and spreading positivity through our messaging.  This goal still reigns true – and I couldn’t be more excited to keep pushing this idea. I am more excited than ever to jump into the new year and continue to work with great people and grow our community.   Happy Thanksgiving!
- Tim 
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