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The Northern Cascades // 001

The Northern Cascades // 001

Live the Compas Life...those are the words we live by here at Compas. When we decided that we wanted to build upon this idea, our main objective was to bring a community of adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday explorers together to experience incredible opportunities that surround us every day.
While planning our first collection we wanted to choose a location to explore that best described that mantra. So after a few weeks of planning and reaching out to a few friends, we decided that we would take a weekend trip out to Washington state to surround ourselves in the mountains of the Northern Cascades. We were super excited to get a group together to hike and see a few great view points.
We had the pleasure of having our new friend and photographer Andrew Kearns lead the group over the weekend. He and his friends took us to a bunch of great locations in the area such as Diablo Lake and the Washington Pass overlook which had some pretty epic sites to see.
They are always exploring the Pacific North West region, shooting photos fueled by the mountainous landscapes and incredible summit views. We spent the better part of the weekend taking it all in and really enjoying the time we had together on this overnight trip.
With no cellular service in the mountains, there was something calming about being cut off from the rest of the world to experience such an incredible geographical location. It really made for the perfect backdrop for us to introduce what it means to go out and Live the Compas Life. Until next time....
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