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Compas x O'Douds - A Nature Trail Collaboration

Compas x O'Douds - A Nature Trail Collaboration

As we were planning The Wild Life collection, we wanted to develop a unique product that tied back to the Catskills. Our plan was to create a product sourced directly from the region.
A lot of ideas went back and forth, but the most striking idea was a collaboration with our friends over at O'Douds Apothecary. O'Douds is known for their handmade, small batch grooming products. It was only natural for our brands to collaborate.
The Cedar and White Pine Pomade Bundle came to be after researching local oils and essences gathered from the Catskill Region. Cedar and White Pine are prominent fixtures in the Catskills Wilderness.
 After spending a few months working with their team developing the design aesthetics, our teams were able to source the cedar and white pine oils collected locally in the Catskills Region. To round out the collab with something a little extra special, we printed a localized topographical map on a bandana. The bandana highlights the areas where the oils were collected.
It was a natural fit for our brands Compas and O'douds to collaborate as part of The Wild Life Collection. Two young companies striving to bring you the best hand made goods we can.
O'douds makes other great grooming products over at
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