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Maple Sugaring Tour at Finding Home Farm 2024 | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind

Maple Sugaring Tour at Finding Home Farm 2024

140 Eatontown Rd, Middletown, NY 10940

It's that wonderful time of the year – maple syrup season is in full swing! Join in the festivities of Maplefest & NY Maple Weekend as we unveil our latest (and sweetest!) feature on Finding Home Farm. We had the privilege of being invited to tour the estate of owners Dana & Laura, gaining insights into their maple syrup production with a behind-the-scenes peek. Late February to early April marks the perfect season when maple sap flows abundantly. Our adventure also included an exciting (and delicious!) exploration of Find Home Farm's cafe, The Sugarhouse, and a leisurely stroll among the maple trees. Dive deeper into the world of maple sugaring and the Putnams' farm below!
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
It all started in 1999 when the Putnams moved to the Hudson Valley for Dana's job. Despite his busy corporate career at the time, Dana's roots in the world of maple syrup ran deep, having grown up on a multi-generational maple and dairy farm in New Hampshire; Syrup-making traditions traced back to the 1800s in both his mother's and father's families. After relocating in 2000, Dana and his family spent 12 joyous years crafting maple syrup as a hobby, sharing the sweet process with friends and neighbors. In 2014, the journey took a more official turn when they established a small sugarhouse at home under the name Finding Home Farms. The transformation continued in 2017 with the creation of their current sugarhouse and cafe. Over the years, Dana and his family have steadily expanded their farm, cultivating more maple syrup from their trees, perpetuating a legacy that spans generations.
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
Their method of making maple syrup involves a network of tubing winding through the woods, connecting trees to create an intricate web. Impressively, around 10,000 trees are tapped each season, contributing to the flourishing operation. The sap, coursing through these tubes, eventually finds its way into stainless steel tanks located downhill. From there, it is loaded onto a truck and transported to the sugarhouse. Once at the sugarhouse, the sap undergoes a preliminary purification in reverse osmosis machines, extracting excess water. Then, the concentrated sap enters the evaporator, where it is boiled to eliminate water content and transform the sugars into the rich, amber goodness of maple syrup.
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind

For many generations, making maple syrup using an evaporator has been a long-standing tradition that continues today. The process involves combining modern technology with a slower evaporation method, setting it apart from other farms and bringing out the natural flavor and deep color of the syrup, preserving its authentic character. The art of making maple syrup also hinges on specific weather conditions—cold nights below freezing and warm days around 40-45 degrees. If it's too cold or doesn't freeze and thaw, the sap won't flow. This unique weather pattern occurs only at the end of winter and early spring, making it the perfect time to create maple syrup.

With winters becoming warmer and an early arrival of spring, the necessity arises for them to start tapping their trees earlier than in the past. This proactive measure ensures they catch the maple harvest before the full onset of spring, preventing the season from coming to an early close.

Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind

In their region, the maple sugaring season unfolds over a period of 8-10 weeks, immersing everyone in the sweet experience of harvesting maple syrup. According to Dana himself, this year's unique conditions have increased the sap-to-syrup ratio to 65:1, deviating from the usual 40:1.

The Sugarhouse also welcomes visitors with open arms! Operating hours are every day except for Mondays. While exploring the farm, you can witness the sweet maple syrup-making process and enjoy the cozy vibe of the cafe. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, the market offers endless delightful finds.

Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
Finding Home Farm | Experience Upstate with Upstate of Mind
Upstate of Mind | Finding Home Farms Feature on Experience Upstate

Check out our recipe for making a pumpkin spiked cold brew using Finding Home Farms cinnamon-infused delicious maple syrup!

You can find more savory and sweet recipes by Finding Home Farms here! Here are just a few:

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