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The only thing more popular than the history of cowboys and native culture in New Mexico is…aliens! Roswell, New Mexico is home to the site of the most famous UFO incident near the former Roswell Army Air Field. Roswell itself has been doused in extraterrestrial cultural since the “UFO crash” in the late 1940’s.
Allegedly, July 4, 1947, a rancher rode out after a particularly bad thunderstorm to check on the sheep. Along the way the rancher began finding unusual pieces of metal debris scattered across his path.  Upon further inspection, he came across a shallow trench gouged into the ground that was about ¾ of a mile long. Witnesses also accounted that that they saw something fall from the sky. William Woody lived east of town with his family, he recalled being outside that evening and seeing a brilliant something plunge to the ground. After the incident was reported the government closed the site and the wreckage was removed.
The UFO siting and wreckage of Roswell came at a time when UFO sightings were running rampant in the western United States but they go back further than that. The first UFO sighting on US soil was in 1896. For about 2 years there was an influx in UFO sightings and reports of abductions from across The States.  In 1897 there is a report from Aurora, TX of a UFO crash and alien pilot burial. In 1942 there was “The Battle of Los Angeles” which was brought about when several UFOs above LA triggered anti-aircraft procedures.
The amount of UFO sightings just in the United States is “out of this world!” Our Abandoned Enchantment collection wouldn’t be complete without including such an integral part of modern New Mexican folklore. Whether or not you believe in aliens or UFOs from outer space, we do believe one one thing here at Compas... adventure is out there.
Written by: Alexandra Gilroy
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