Set Forth: Cuba

Cuba, an island known for cigars, rum, and salsa. This diverse country is rich in Spanish and African influence and varies greatly from the city to the countryside. And with the recent travel ban lift, adventurer Cody Recker decided to head for the Caribbean to see what the country has to offer. He spent a few days in Viñales Valley National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where all the highest quality cigar tobacco is grown. He then finished his trip in the historic city of Havana.

This is Raúl. He is 63 and runs a tobacco plantation. He was gracious enough to give me a tour of his farm.

Hand rolled Cuban Cigars courtesy of Raúl.

Bahía de la Habana (Havana Harbor)

Vintage car on El Malecón

A few hour drive from Havana is the beautiful beaches of Cayo Jutías.

Plaza de la Revolucion

Evening adventure around Old Havana.

Written and photographed by Cody Recker