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Everyday Explorer Contest Results

Everyday Explorer Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever photo contest! It was very exciting scrolling through all of the photos and reliving your adventurous experiences. We had almost 100 entries and you guys made it a very hard choice!
Our theme was to showcase your favorite locations and experiences as explorers and adventurers. Our decision was based on user interaction, photographic quality, and the interpretation of our them.

THIRD PLACE: @margauxwithanx

Exploring & taking in all sides of California. @compaslife #LivetheCompasLife #ExplorerContest

A photo posted by Margaux Luzuriaga (@margauxwithanx) on

SECOND PLACE: @msborrus


Post rainstorm stroll through North Lake. #explorercontest #livethecompaslife @compaslife

A photo posted by JILLERBEEZ (@jillerbeez) on

Thank you to everyone who entered. We really enjoyed seeing all of these photos.
We hope you continue to share your experiences with us. #Livethecompaslife
Because there were so many great entries, here is a link to all of the #explorercontest photos. 
Until next time, here are some of our favorite honorable mentions below. Thanks you all!

So I am working on a new story on @stellerstories so head over to their app if you want to check it out ???

A photo posted by K Y L E A L L G O O D (@kyleallgood) on

I got to embrace the beautiful (and bitter cold) outdoors this weekend with the best adventure partner.

A photo posted by Taylor Garrison (@tgarrison774) on

Here's to finding a new long way home with a decent view @compaslife #LivetheCompasLife #explorercontest

A photo posted by Lynn Burke (@itslynnburke) on

Taking a moment to find some peace and lookout at the bustling city @compaslife #livethecompaslife #explorercontest

A photo posted by nanansky ⚓️ (@nanansky) on

@compaslife #LivetheCompasLife #ExplorerContest

A video posted by Zoë Smiarowski (@notoriousz0e) on

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