The Wild Life: A Catskills Collection

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WildLife Tape
undomesticated animals living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated:


Nestled just a few hours north of New York City,
you will find a landscape full of rolling hills, sloping mountains,
hidden waterfalls, lakes, and ponds.
This enchanting place is known as the Catskills.
Generations have considered the Catskills
a sanctuary for the arts, a destination for music,
and an outdoor adventurer’s dreamland.
Whether a lifelong resident or a weekend visitor,
beings from all walks of life make their home in the Catskills region.
The Catskills are truly a magical place where man
and nature coexist in harmony.
This area has inspired us, and we hope to
pass that inspiration on to you. Enjoy the Wild Life.